50th Anniversary Holiday Blend Coffee

Our gift to guests… In the holiday spirit of giving, we’ve blended our love of coffee and community with our passion for giving back. In collaboration with local roaster Vail Mountain Coffee, we’re bringing you our Antlers at Vail 50th Anniversary Holiday Blend, which not only offers the perfect start to a Vail ski day or après pick-me-up, but helps support the nonprofit Vail Veterans Group, aiding injured veterans with therapeutic programs in the healing beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and helps better the lives of smallholder women coffee farmers in Colombian villages through a sustainable Coffee Source project that empowers women growers through training and supplies—all wrapped up in this eco-friendly, recyclable tube.

Wondering how this works?

For every pound of coffee beans that Antlers purchases from local Vail Mountain Coffee Roasters Antlers contributes $1 and Vail Mountain Coffee contributes $1 to Vail Veterans. Depending on how much coffee our guests brew in their homes away from home, this can make a significant difference.

Since 2004, Vail Veterans Program has transformed the lives of military injured and their families through innovative programs that build confidence and life-long relationships. Programs range from the adventurous to the connective, including summer and winter therapeutic recreational programming, caregiver-specific wellness events, and empowerment training.

In addition, the 50th Anniversary Holiday blend currently offered in rooms is a blend that includes coffee beans from Columbia and Costa Rica. Our local coffee roaster, Vail Mountain Coffee, purchases premium beans that support projects in the nation’s assisting women with training and more to become sustainable coffee producers.

More on Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea’s Colombian Women’s Project.

More on Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea’s contributions to Costa Rica’s Coope Tarrazu.

So, as you take that first delicious sip, savor the meaning behind the beaning. Just grind, brew and enjoy!

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