43 Years Visiting Vail; 1st Antlers Visit for the Bees

The team at the Antlers takes pride in welcoming guests year after year back. We love knowing our guests and getting to visit with them every year, and sometimes more often. But we also love welcoming new guests to the Antlers and getting to know them.

This spring we had the opportunity to get to know a truly delightful couple who first came to Vail 43 years ago on their honeymoon. Russ & Susan Bee have been returning to Vail, often several time per year, since that first visit.

Sunset over Vail.

But this was their very first visit to the Antlers thanks to a connection in their hometown of Dallas, Texas. They happened to meet an Antlers homeowner, the Brattons, in their Sunday School class and quickly discovered their mutual love of Vail.

Fast forward to this April and their return to Vail included a stay in an Antlers condo with a balcony facing the river. It couldn’t have been a better location for this couple who loves to take in the nature of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Watching the sun set from the balcony while listening to the music of the river was just why they came to Vail.

While prior visits included lots of skiing and snowshoeing, now they prefer to relax and just enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Of course, dining at our local restaurants is also in order. La Tour, Alpenrose, Left Bank, Russell’s and Bart & Yeti’s are a few of their favorites. Though enjoying Alpine Pizza on their Antlers balcony with a bottle of wine and the sunset may have just rivaled the experience of Vail’s best restaurants.

Vail’s America Days Parade. Photo courtesy Jack Affleck/ VLMD.

While Russ and Susan love the quiet of Vail in April, summer is their favorite season. They will tell you that the Fourth of July parade in Vail alone is worth coming to Vail. The Lawn Chair Brigade may be their favorite part of the parade. But the colorful flowers of Vail summer come in a close second.

Russ & Susan find the the free Town of Vail busses and the valley wide bus system to be very convenient. They never bother renting a car. But rather take the bus.

They’ve even found what is one of their favorite churches here in the area, The Vail Church in Avon. They attend services there via the ECO bus system.

They spend their time here walking, hiking and taking photos. Whether watching the kids at ski school, taking the gondola up the mountain or walking to the golf course, they’ve done it all and enjoy it all.

Vail summer flowers. Photo courtesy Jack Affleck/ VLMD.

Yet they still manage to discover new things each visit. It wasn’t until this most recent visit that they even realized that Vail has a police force. The Vail PD was monitoring the last day of the ski mountain to ensure everyone stayed safe. The Bees happened to see them out and thoroughly enjoyed chatting and learning more about the Vail PD.

They are the kind of people who probably make friends everywhere they go. We are glad to count them among our friends now. Hope to see you back again soon, Russ & Susan!

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